New film: Rose, Calypso Diva


The legendary Calypso Rose, who is now 69, is the subject of a new documentary. The artist, who was born in Tobago but is now based in Queens, New York, is an ambassador for socio-political and cultural issues as well as an exceptional artist. She made musical history by becoming the first female Calypso Monarch and winning the Road March, too, being the first person holding both titles. She began writing songs at the age of 15, and has written over 800 songs. In 1966 she wrote the song Fire in Me Wire, which has since become a calypso anthem around the world; it has been recorded in eight languages.

She is a remarkable woman, a survivor of rape (in her youth) and two bouts of cancer in more recent times, yet still performs regularly and as mischievously as ever. In fact, she has a new album out, aiming to reach a more diverse audience.

The documentary, entitled Rose, Calypso Diva, follows Rose through her narrative and her travels, telling the story of her life, its influences and impact. We discover Rose both through her own tale and through her interaction with family and friends, new and old. The film is scheduled for submission to various film festivals, including the Hot Docs Documentary Festival in Toronto, Canada. The documentary, funded in part by the Trinidad and Tobago Film Company (TTFC) in association with African and French producers, was directed by Jean Michel Gibert, a French national based in Port of Spain.

For more information, see

Photograph of Calypso Rose and the Mighty Sparrow from

To see Calypso Rose singing “Ju-Ju Warrior,” see

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