Dance: Petra Bravo’s “Simulacro”

Beta-Local presents SIMULACRO, a dynamic work, and the final piece of the Artistic-Historical Research Laboratory by Petra Bravo. The three performances—Tuesday May 30, Wednesday May 31, and Thursday June 1—will take place at the Julia de Burgos Theater at the University of Puerto Rico- Río Piedras at 8:00pm.

Description: For the past nine months the lab participants have been rehearsing under the direction of choreographer Petra Bravo. This research project focuses on forms and poetic manifestations to create dance, starting from poetic texts that are interpreted from experimental dance or the dance of “gesture,” generating fusions between word and body. In SIMULACRO, participating artists with Laboratory scholarships are: Marili Pizarro, Nere Rivera, Marisa Gómez, Karlo Martínez, Norberto Collazo, and Jaime Maldonado. Rosa Lina Lima is a guest dancer, and Maritza Plannel, along with Pepín Lugo, accompany the cast as performers.

SIMULACRO, a dynamic work, is also a group of artists who have collaborated with Bravo’s proposal in various aspects of production. In poetry, Roberto Net Carlo; in lighting, Jorge Ramírez; and in sound design, Ángel Mercado. The sculptural costumes are designed by visual artist and performer Freddie Mercado, in collaboration with María De Azúa; and the film editing is by Estefanía Montañez.

Beta-Local launched LIAH last year, through an open call to participate in two research platforms focused on the practice and career of choreographer Petra Bravo and musician Héctor “Vainilla” Ramírez Casillas. The trajectory of these artists, Bravo in experimental dance and Vanilla in street rumba, represent a significant contribution to the arts and culture in Puerto Rico. Our intention is to support the work of these artists, generating new content and collaborations.  

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