Protect The Pitons – Saint Lucia’s World Heritage Site!

Here is a petition from the “Pitons Protection Project”—Saint Lucians who call for to preserve and honor the breathtaking Pitons, a World Heritage Site:

Proud Saint Lucians, allies, friends, visitors to our shores, and well-wishers, we need your support to gather signatures for our “Pitons’ Protection Project” championed by various concerned citizens. Locals and tourists alike have long enjoyed the beauty and magnificence of The Pitons and we believe it should remain this way. If you agree that the sanctity of our heritage should be preserved and protected, please be sure to sign and share this Petition!

What are our demands?

We, the sons and daughter of Saint Lucia, demand that our government officials immediately halt all construction at the Anse L’Yvrogne Estate and reject any future requests for construction (of any kind) within the established Pitons Management Area (PMA). This area is home to our Twin Peaks – The Pitons – which are an essential part of each Saint Lucian’s national pride and identity; and has been designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2004. 

What is currently happening?

Construction by a foreign developer on private lands owned by US Resident -Geoffrey Robillard, Senior Vice President, Import Division of Dollarama Inc. – is currently ongoing and its existence, expanse and composition threatens the natural beauty, historical significance and heritage of our people and country. Further, the development plan reveals unconstitutional limits to access and ease of movement by Locals, to the Public Beach adjoining the property.

Why are we demanding immediate action?

Outrage for the current construction is ongoing, and while many still grapple with the legality of the matter, there is a resounding agreement among citizens of Saint Lucia that the preservation, conservation and protection of all areas under the Piton Management Area are paramount and of the highest priority!

Thank you for adding your signature to the cause of relaying the need for urgency in addressing this matter to the relevant Local and International authorities. Please also continue to advocate with us until we reclaim the #simplybeautiful stature of our globally recognized and revered Piton Mountains!

#ProtectOurPitons #PitonsProtectionProject 

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