Art Exhibition: “Only Silence Hears”

Thanks to Teo Freytes (MSA-xperimental) for announcing the he latest solo exhibition by Cuban-born artist William Osorio, “Only Silence Hears” at LnS Gallery in Miami, Florida. The exhibition is on view until July 8, 2023.

Description (from MSA-x): LnS Gallery welcomes you to Only Silence Hears, the latest solo exhibition by celebrated artist, William Osorio.

The rug paintings that comprise the exhibition are a renewal of Osorio’s work, bridging traditions of textile and painting to discuss and defend the importance of leisure as a pillar of society. Only Silence Hears acts as a mirror to show the teeming potential of silence, inviting viewers to take part in repose. The exhibition is on view from May 5 – July 8, 2023.

William Osorio (b. 1989, Holguin, Cuba) is a Cuban-born, American artist utilizing his practice to investigate human behavior as it converges with themes of identity and place. Osorio’s affinity for the power of the arts started in his youth. He studied briefly at the School of Fine Arts in Holguin before emigrating to the US, where he further developed his skills on a self-taught basis. Osorio’s fascinations lie in the correspondent realities between the past and present using artistic allegories – either historic, contemporary or his own – within this exploration. [. . .]

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