New Book—“Reclaiming the Americas: Latinx Art and the Politics of Territory”

Tatiana Reinoza’s Reclaiming the Americas: Latinx Art and the Politics of Territory was published by the University of Texas Press in April 2023. It sounds like an exciting exploration of the role of printmaking in social movements and identity formation. [Of particular interest to our Caribbean readers is her chapter “Aqueous Territorialities: The Dominican York Proyecto Gráfica’s Island Dwellers and Water Boundaries.”]

Arlene Dávila writes, “In this much-anticipated book Reinoza delivers the first art historical study of Latinx printmaking, one of the most significant yet unrecognized mediums in Latinx art. This necessary volume centers printmaking workshops as the key site of Latinx identity-making that they are, while offering a deep analysis of printmakers’ aesthetic innovations in American art. This is a foundational study that will inspire students of art history and cultural studies across the Americas.”

Description: How Latinx artists around the US adopted the medium of printmaking to reclaim the lands of the Americas.

Printmakers have conspired, historically, to illustrate the maps created by European colonizers that were used to chart and claim their expanding territories. Over the last three decades, Latinx artists and print studios have reclaimed this printed art form for their own spatial discourse. This book examines the limited editions produced at four art studios around the US that span everything from sly critiques of Manifest Destiny to printed portraits of Dreamers in Texas.

Reclaiming the Americas is the visual history of Latinx printmaking in the US. Tatiana Reinoza employs a pan-ethnic comparative model for this interdisciplinary study of graphic art, drawing on art history, Latinx studies, and geography in her discussions. The book contests printmaking’s historical complicity in the logics of colonization and restores the art form and the lands it once illustrated to the Indigenous, migrant, mestiza/o, and Afro-descendant people of the Americas.

Tatiana Reinoza is an assistant professor of art history at the University of Notre Dame.

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