Harry Belafonte mourned…

The full title of this article by the Associated Press is “Harry Belafonte mourned by entertainment world, Biden, Obama.”

Reaction poured in Tuesday from heads of state, civil-rights leaders and the entertainment world following the death of Harry Belafonte at age 96. As a prominent activist, charismatic singer, Hollywood leading man, Broadway star and trailblazing Black entertainer, Belafonte’s loss was felt across a wide swath of American life.

“Jill and I are saddened by the passing of a groundbreaking American who used his talent, his fame, and his voice to help redeem the soul of our Nation. Harry Belafonte was born to Caribbean parents in Harlem, New York on March 1, 1927, when segregation was the order of American society. To our Nation’s benefit, Harry never accepted those false narratives and unjust boundaries. He dedicated his entire life to breaking barriers and bridging divides. … Harry Belafonte’s accomplishments are legendary and his legacy of outspoken advocacy, compassion, and respect for human dignity will endure. He will be remembered as a great American.” — President Joe Biden.

“Harry Belafonte was a barrier-breaking legend who used his platform to lift others up. He lived a good life – transforming the arts while also standing up for civil rights. And he did it all with his signature smile and style. Michelle and I send our love to his wife, kids and fans.” — Former President Barack Obama.

“In the spirit of (W.E.B.) Du Bois, (Paul) Robeson and many others, Harry Belafonte stood tall among them. Mr. B sang our songs, he carried our hopes and dreams. With his passing, this is not only a deep and personal loss for me, but for the people of the world who have also lost a beloved artist and humanitarian.” — Actor and activist Danny Glover, a longtime friend of Belafonte.

“You were a complicated father who lived one of the fullest lives in human history. I’m so grateful and lucky to have been and be so close to you. To know how much you loved me and were proud of my path. You always told me to never forget how much you love me and i am grateful you knew how much I loved hearing it. You could be harsh and terrifying, you could be strong and strategic. But when you pulled me in, close to your heart the embrace was ever lasting. You lived with purpose and we are all better for your contributions.” — Gina Belafonte, daughter of Belafonte. ___

“May God Have My Dear Friend Harry Belafonte At A Peaceful Rest. We Are Losing Our Giants Left And Right. We Have To Celebrate Our Elders While They Are With Us.” — Spike Lee, who directed Belafonte’s final film, 2018′s BlacKkKlansman.”

“Another ‘GREAT TREE’ has fallen: Harry Belafonte, a Trailblazer and Hero to us all. Thank you for your music, your artistry, your activism, your fight for civil rights and justice — especially risking your life back in the day to get money to the movement. Your being here on Earth has Blessed us all.” — Oprah Winfrey.

“Harry Belafonte was one of our nation’s most powerful voices for change. … Like all true patriots, Harry Belafonte had the ability to see what could be and had the courage to work to realize that vision. He fought to help America live up to our highest ideals: dignity, equity, and justice for all. For years, it was my honor to call Harry a dear friend and rely on his wisdom and counsel. America has lost a giant.” — Vice President Kamala Harris.

“Harry Belafonte was a true mentor and friend. I am heartbroken to hear of his death but inspired by the long, fruitful life he led. He realized his platform gave him the ability to affect change. He used it to advance the civil rights movement and get others in his position off the sidelines. I cherished the time he would give me and others to both guide and correct us. He was a culture-changing entertainer, a history-changing activist and an unmatchable intellectual. Rest in peace and power, Mr. B.” — The Rev. Al Sharpton.

“When I was a child, Harry Belafonte showed up for my family in very compassionate ways. In fact, he paid for the babysitter for me and my siblings. … I won’t forget. Rest well, sir.” — Bernice King, daughter of The Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. [. . .]

For full article, see https://apnews.com/article/harry-belafonte-death-reaction-18db2fe77c9f16c09135aadcdaa1c4b1

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