Art Exhibition: Danilo Geerman’s “Daylight Dreamscapes”

Danilo Geerman presents his solo exhibition, “Daylight Dreamscapes,” which opens on May 5, 2023, at 6:30pm, at the Aruba National Library [Biblioteca Nacional Aruba], located at George Madurostraat 13, Oranjestad, Aruba. Biblioteca Nacional Aruba explains:

Well-known artist Danilo Geerman presents his long-awaited solo exhibition in May. Most of the work is oil on canvas (which is his specialty) but there will be works in other media as well, showing how he works in different disciplines.

Five years have passed since Danilo had his last solo exhibition, which he presented in collaboration with Ateliers ’89 in San Nicolas. In February this year, he participated in Zona Maco in Mexico City, the largest art fair in Latin America. He also carried out a project at the Nahual Graphic Workshop (Taller de Gráfica Nahual) in the city center.

Danilo Geerman is a visual artist from Aruba who works in various mediums such as painting, drawing, collage, installation, and sculpture. He is known for his abstract and organic style, which explores themes such as nature, identity, and spirituality.

See more of Geerman’s work at

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