Exhibition: “Untitled III” (Km)

Kilómetro presents its latest exhibition—“Untitled III”—with the participation of artists Angel Borroto Díaz, Fernando Colón González, Roberto Márquez Jorge, Jason Mena, Erika Rodríguez, Emanuel Torres-Pérez, and Angel Ralph Vázquez Concepción. The exhibition opens on Thursday, March 30, 2023, at 7:00pm. Kilómetro art space is located at 802 Roberto H. Todd Avenue, San Juan, Puerto Rico.

Description: Kilometro is pleased to present the third edition of “Untitled,” a series of exhibitions conceived under the fundamentals of drawing, but above all, the notion of expanded drawing and its manifestations vis-à-vis architecture and drawing as a record, among others. In this edition, the artists present a body of work that places the human gesture in the corsshairs as the primordial banner to blow up allusions to the representational.

[Shown above: Jason Mena, Fault line, 2012, Single-Channel Video, color, sound, 4:3, 00:02:24, 30 fps.]

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