Water Resources for Islands: The Road to the UN Water Conference 2023

In connection with the 2023 UN Water Conference presently taking place in New York until March 24, Island Innovation invites you to watch their webinar, “Water Resources for Islands: The Road to the UN Water Conference 2023.”  Among the speakers are Anne-Teresa Birthwright (Science Technology Policy Fellow, Inter-American Institute for Global Change Research; Jamaica), Rianna Gonzales (Water Resources Specialist & Youth Engagement, Global Water Partnership; Trinidad and Tobago) and Jason Ernest (Director, Water Resources Management Agency; Saint Lucia).

About the webinar: Island Innovation is excited to host a webinar on water resources for islands, in connection with the upcoming 2023 UN Water Conference which will take place in New York from the 22nd to the 24th of March and will feature expert speakers from around the world.

Islands are unique in their vulnerability to the impacts of climate change, including rising sea levels, increased storm intensity, and changes in precipitation patterns. These impacts have profound effects on water resources, which are critical to island communities for drinking, agriculture, tourism, and industry.

The webinar will explore innovative solutions to water challenges facing islands, including sustainable water management practices, new technologies, and policy approaches. The expert speakers will share their experiences working on water issues in island contexts and discuss the challenges and opportunities associated with sustainable water management.

Participants will learn about successful island water projects and initiatives from a range of island regions, including integrated water resource management, and nature-based solutions. They will also have the opportunity to engage in discussion with the expert panel and fellow participants to exchange ideas and best practices.

Join us for this informative and engaging webinar to learn how island communities are addressing the challenges of water resource management in the face of climate change.


For more information, see https://islandinnovation.co/events/un-water-conference/

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