Soy de Cuba II—Viva la vida (Paris)

A new Cuban creation by Indigo Productions—with choreography by Dieser Serrano García and music composed by Rembert Eguës—has been showing at Le 13e art, located at Centre commercial Italie Deux, Place d’Italie, Paris, France. The shows began on March 14 and run through March 26, 2023.

Description (by Le 13e art): Come and discover the story of Ayala, employed in a cigar factory and passionate about dancing, and about Jesus, a boxer with the rage to win and passionate about salsa. Each one excels in their field. Apparently, they have nothing in common… except a dream of success that is anchored in their bodies and that makes them winners. Their only goal: to rub shoulders with the inaccessible star. Their credo: “Viva la vida!”

It is a story that unfolds to the sound of a live orchestra, mambos, rumbas, salsas, and Afro-Cuban jazz rhythms. Wild choreographies set to sensual music and wild rhythms, an inventive staging, all under the musical direction of the great composer [and pianist] Rembert Eguës, magnificently supported by 14 charismatic dancers and 6 experienced musicians.

The show broken down into 18 spectacular scenes with ingenious video sets. Cigars, mojitos, colonial architecture, sublime American cars with gleaming chrome… The public is immediately propelled into the humidity of nights in Havana, thus inhaling the unique atmosphere of the famous Caribbean island!

Much more than a musical tribute to Cuban cultural wealth, SOY DE CUBA – VIVA LA VIDA is a true distillation of talents and joie de vivre that integrates the legend of the great “musicals.” It is jubilant!

  • Libretto: Sebastien Acker
  • Art direction and staging: Julie Dayan & Michael Xerri
  • Music Director: Rembert Eguës
  • Choreography: Dieser Serrano García

Translated by Ivette Romero. For the original post (in French) and preview, see

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