New Book: “I Dreamt You Planting Corn and Marigolds”

I Dreamt You Planting Corn and Marigolds (Library and Archives Canada, Canadian ISBN Service, 2023) is a new novel by Cynthia James. 

Description: Ingrid Garraway has not come to her decision to migrate from the Caribbean to Canada lightly. Even the concern of her son, Kyle cannot deter her. For she knows that hers is not a voyage in the dark to a faraway mother country; this is 2010, the age of the Internet and the supersonic jet. Surely, migrating from her isle of paradise, could not be the same.

Cynthia James is a Trinidadian Canadian author—poet, novelist, short story writer. She is a professor of English at George Brown College (Ryerson & St. James Campuses). Her work has appeared in such publications as JouvertThe Caribbean Writer, The Massachusetts Review, and sx salon. Her publications include Watermarked: A Poetry Collection; two novels, Sapodilla Terrace and Bluejean: A Novel; a collection of short stories, Soothe Me, Music, Soothe Me; three poetry collections, La Vega and Other PoemsVigil: A Long Poem, and Iere, My Love (1990); and a published work of literary criticism, The Maroon Narrative: Caribbean Literature across Boundaries, Ethnicities, and Centuries

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