New Book: “Pretty Like Jamaica”

Pretty Like Jamaica (CaribbeanReads Publishing, March 2023) is the latest children’s book by Jamaican writer and educator Opal Palmer Adisa.

Description: Precious loves all of the joys of her life with her grandmother in Jamaica but she misses her mother who lives in the United States. When her mother finally sends for her, Precious finds herself torn between the home she has always known and her longing to be with her mother.

Opal Palmer Adisa, Ph.D, is writer of both poetry and prose. Adisa is an educator and cultural activist, as well as a photographer, playwright and theatre director. Adisa has lectured and read her work throughout the Caribbean, United States, South Africa, East and West Africa, and Europe. An award-winning writer, Adisa has more than twenty titles to her credit. Her work has been reviewed by Ishmael Reed, Al Young, and Alice Walker (Color Purple) who described her work as “solid, visceral, important stories written with integrity and love.”

Her poetry, stories, essays, and articles have been collected in over 400 journals, anthologies and other publications, including Essence Magazine. Adisa is the founder and editor of Interviewing the Caribbean, an annual journal of poetry, prose, art, and interviews.

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