Concert by Cuban band Orquesta Broadway

Legendary Cuban charanga band Orquesta Broadway is celebrating its 60th anniversary with a special concert on Friday, March 24, 2023, at City College City for the Arts’ Aaron Davis Hall. Founded in 1963, the renowned band—led by director and flutist El Maestro Eddy Zervigon—will take the stage for a concert commemorating the band’s decades-long success and the harmonies and melodies of the famed Afro-Cuban dance music which features a mix of vocals, flutes, percussion instruments and violins.

Award-winning radio host and Latin music historian Nelson Radhames Rodriguez will host the 7:00pm concert, which features special guest performers and acclaimed flutists Connie Grossman and Karen Joseph.

Charanga is a term for a popular style of Cuban dance music—or the orchestras who play it—featuring violins, flutes, and various percussion instruments, together with vocalists. Founded in 1963,Orquesta Broadway is one of the oldest charangas, known the world over for its pulsing performances of the Afro-Cuban art form.

Tickets are available now at

To see a video about the event, go to

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