Cuban artist Roberto Fabelo exhibits his works in Madrid

A report by Ileana Ferrer Fonte cor Prensa Latina.

The Ibercaja Foundation gathered 160 engravings created by Francisco de Goya (1746-1828), and is exhibiting them along with 13 works by Roberto Fabelo (1951).

The exhibition, entitled “Worlds. Goya and Fabelo,” deals about two artists separated by centuries but with similarities in their artistic message, which puts in dialogue some of the pieces by the renowned Cuban artist with Goya’s engravings from the series “Los caprichos” (The Caprices) and “Los desastres de la guerra” (The Disasters of War), the organizers of the event highlighted.

On the one hand, the installation “Liderazgo” (Leadership), which brings together 21 multicolored sculptures of rhinoceroses inviting us to reflect on nature in our society, stand out at the exhibition.

However, the most striking work is “Sobrevivientes” (Survivors), which shows different sculptures of giant cockroaches with human faces at the Linares Palace, the headquarters of the Madrid-based Casa de America, a few meters from the Cibeles Fountain.

“Sobrevivientes” is a tribute to Kafka’s “Metamorphosis, and a sort of warning about the risks of ego and power, according to experts.

The exhibition’s curators highlight Goya’s influence in Fabelo’s work because the two artists use idyllic, mysterious, and absurd resources and animals to capture the viewer’s attention.

The Conde Duque Cultural Center in Madrid will host the exhibition until July 30.

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