What’s on Our Nightstands: “Soy el Leïfe…”

Nelson Ricart-Guerrero’s Soy el Leïfe, el pájaro malo / Soy el Leïfe, Le serpent ailé was published in a bilingual edition (Spanish and French) by Ediciones Cielonaranja in 2017. This volume [which the author considers as an OLNI (objeto literario no-identificado); in English, an ULO or unidentified literary object] contains a dialogue between a dreamer and his alter ego, poetic reflections on the interstices of love and longing, philosophical interrogations of the dichotomies we cling to (darkness/light, evil/good, absence/presence, fantasy/reality…), and purposely placed artwork by the author. As Ricart-Guerrero explains, in this book “everything is phantasm and simulacrum except desire.” Perhaps this why his poetry—while completely innovative and fresh—evokes the scents and sounds of Baudelaire and Neruda, dense tropical paths, and the all-pervading sea.

Description (Cielonaranja): YO SOY EL LEÏFE – LE SERPENT AILÉ (Bilingual edition, Spanish & French)

Holding a unique voice in Dominican literature, Nelson-Ricart Guerrero’s space centers the body and its desires within a broad sphere of twisted, critical bodies, in the midst of landscapes that slide down slopes and [peer into] abysses.

His work is neither a simple vindication of homoerotic literature nor a voice from barricades, but rather the underscoring of bodies turned into pages, readings of a new moment in which what is substantial is the energy that may be displayed on these maps.

For more information, see http://www.cielonaranja.com/nelsonricart-guerrero-leife.htm

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