Call for Abstracts: CSA’s 47th Annual Conference

The Caribbean Studies Association (CSA) reminds us that abstracts for its 47th Annual Conference—“Transforming Our Caribbean: Sustainable Educational Research, Cultural Creatives, Sacred Traditions, Economic Development and Environmental Solutions”—are due January 31, 2023 (midnight, EST). This year the CSA conference takes place in St. Croix, U.S. Virgin Islands, from June 5 to 9, 2023.

Description: Transforming Our Caribbean through proactive exchanges grounded in society building efforts are essential. The Caribbean—Caribbean isles blended with Central and South America bordered by the Caribbean Sea and Atlantic/Pacific Oceans—continue to navigate life beyond global pandemics, social unrest, hurricanes, earthquakes, climate change, environmental terrorism, international wars, disaster capitalism and more. In many respects, the Caribbean has survived and continues to progressively thrive beyond the tremendous losses experienced during and within the on-going aftermath of the C19 pandemic.

This is a time for the integration of interdisciplinary and transcultural frameworks for existing and developing educational programs promoting respectful, diverse, equitable and inclusive analyses of the Caribbean historical, social, economic, cultural, spiritual/religious, and sustainable civilization experiences. These are important parts of the Caribbean transformative experiences. Inclusivity of research, teaching, and production beyond the centuries of inaccurate narratives and institutional erasure via “colonialocracy” (Corbin: 2020) are essential. The practical traditions essential in contemporary times for incorporating life-centered liberating expressions central to the history, culture, heritage, and traditions of Caribbean civilization require increases in creative, innovative, futuristic, and holistic constructive critical theories balanced with practice for designing, implementing, and managing social frameworks for development of a more humane society within the Caribbean and the world.


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