Dance : Collectif HEDO presents “Sucres à Corps Chauds”

On Saturday, February 4, 2023, at 8:00pm, Collectif HEDO will present “Sucres à Corps Chauds” at L’Artchipel Scène Nationale de Guadeloupe (Anacaona Hall) with music by Kenyah Stanislas and Mickaël Top. The dancers/choreographers in the collective are Kenyah Stanislas, Naomi Yengadessin, Mickaël Top, Lisa Ponin.

“Sucres à Corps Chauds” is the second choreographic piece by Collectif HEDO, a young collective of four Guadeloupean dancers, and is based on a problem encountered by many young people during their professionalization: to leave or to stay?

[. . .] A true poetic reflection on cultural fatalism, “Sucres à Corps Chauds” pushes us to question our relationship to our territory, our identity, but also our relationship to others.

Collectif HEDO (short for hedonism), emphasizes—through light and movement—all the dualities implicit in our relationships with Guadeloupe and with ourselves, with love on one side and doubts on the other.

Drawing their inspiration from nature and the elements by dancing in the forest, the river, or even the sand, these four warm bodies intermingle and collide, in a process of confrontation, acceptance, rejection, transmission… from one body to another.

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