Miami Light Project’s ScreenDance Miami 2023

Join Miami Light Project at PAMM [Pérez Art Museum Miami] for ScreenDance Miami Festival 2023 Open Call Official Selections, featuring short films from Miami and beyond, on January 21, 2023, from 1:00 to 4:30pm. ScreenDance Miami is an international dance-on-film festival featuring choreographers and directors who are working with emerging and new concepts with movement and dance on film and dance on camera. A Q&A session will follow the program.

Open Call Official Selections | Schedule 
1–2:30pm | Program 1: Open Call Official Selections 

Play Where We’re Going (2019, 3 min, FL Premiere) Dir. Heidi Duckler and Katherine Helen Fisher, Chor. Heidi Duckler: Filmed on the rooftop of the historic Bendix Building in Downtown Los Angeles where HDD has its offices, Where We’re Going is choreographed by Heidi Duckler and performed by HDD dancers, staff, and several workers from the building. This work explores a sense of belonging and how we define family.

Liquid Path (2013, 4 min, FL Premiere) Chor. and Dir. Mena Rusciano: Wore the dress of courage, the migrant’s hope floats restlessly in the sea as a crammed message in a bottle that runs on uncertain trajectories.

Ghostly Labor: A Dance Film (2022, 13 min, FL Premiere) Chor. Vanessa Sanchez, Dir. Vanessa Sanchez and John Jota Leanos: Ghostly Labor: A Dance Film explores the history of labor in the US–Mexico borderlands through Tap Dance, Mexican Zapateado, Son Jarocho, Afro-Caribbean movement, and music. This work brings together polyrhythmic movement and an original score to examine labor and the power and joy of collective resistance.

NYX (2021, 4 min) Chor. and Dir. Miami Movement Collective: Enrique Villacreses, Maya Billig, Cecilia Benitez and Natalia Marie Rocamonde: NYX explores an inter-dimensional encounter between wandering entities. Through missed connections and crossing paths, the wanderers find themselves individually traveling through a sacred location hoping to encounter a greater purpose for their explorations. Using their curiosity and freedom, they discover that their journeys are interwoven across separate dimensions of space and time.

Skyscrapers – Skin Deep (2020, 3 min, US Premiere) Chor. Faizah Grootens, Dir. Ayra Kip, David van Delden: KIPrepublic presents an original poem (the Legendary Black Ice) and an interpretive dance, choreographed and performed by Faizah Grootens. Skindeep expresses one’s daily battle to turn noise inside one’s head into music, screeching voices into a choir, emotional clumsiness into dance, and the paradox of this repetitive loop in search for belonging.

Seers (2021, 3 min, FL Premiere) Chor. Faith Morrison, Dir. Robert Uehlin: Featuring original choreography from Faith Morrison and music from Michael Wall, Seers is a screendance exploring the feeling of a desert ecosystem and the frantic stillness of its inhabitants.

One Shilling (2022, 5 min, US Premiere) Chor. and Dir. Monica Nicolaides: One Shilling is a short dance film, inspired by true encounters of people in WWII; where 4 strangers from different backgrounds came together to enjoy a night out, in one of the underground places in London during the Blitz.

In-Visible (2021, 8 min, FL Premiere) Chor. and Dir. Jesse Obremski: Stemming from the AAPI hate crimes and initiating the development of Obremski/Works’s AAPI Support Fellowships, In-Visible touches on the common experience of AAPI individuals and feeling unheard, unrecognized, and unseen. Through this incredibly personal work, the full AAPI cast brings in experience, concepts, ideologies, trauma, and more to deepen this work.

OPEN DOOR/SECOND DOOR (2021, 3 min, US Premiere) Chor. and Dir. Flakorojas: After a long period of waiting, the doors finally open, but whoever was behind them no longer knows how to get out. Again, and again he approaches the edge, the boundary between the enclosure and the outside world, while an inquisitive clock records the moments.

I AM NOT OK (2022, 12 min, FL Premiere) Chor. Gabrielle Lansner, Pat Hall, Dahsir Hausif, Dir. Gabrielle Lansner: A mother and son respond to the unending killings of Black Americans amidst the backdrop of the protests that followed the death of George Floyd. Dance and archival photographs are woven together to evoke fear, outrage, and anger and the need for communities to come together and find solutions.

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