New Book: “Suddenly, Sargassum!”

In “New Sargassum Book Launched by St. Martin’s Les Fruits de Mer,” Carol Bareuther (All at Sea) writes about Mark Yokoyama’s Suddenly, Sargassum! How a seaweed changed St. Martin (independently published in August 2022).

Seaweed is everywhere and a new book tells why. Suddenly, Sargassum!, written by Mark Yokoyama, co-founder of the Les Fruits de Mer association in St. Martin, tells the story of why so much sargassum has been washing up over the last decade. Also inside are facts about this unusual seaweed, the process that brings sargassum blooms to St. Martin, the creatures that depend on it both in the sea and on the land, its impacts, and even how this seaweed inspires art. Vivid photos reveal an entire world of life that is hidden in the sargassum, from microscopic sea creatures to birds that have learned to hunt and forage in it. The book is available in English and French.

“Interesting things in the book for sea-oriented folks are the mechanics of how the sargassum started coming here and why it comes back each year. Also, the marine life that lives on and around it. We’re still learning about the ecology of this tropical sargassum, so anyone on the water could make important observations about how it is being used by fish and birds,” says Yokoyama.

Suddenly, Sargassum! is available on Amazon ( for $19.99.

[Photo above by Mark Yokoyama.]

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