Art Exhibition: Lavar Munroe, “Sometime Come to Someplace”

Bahamian artist Lavar Munroe’s solo show “Sometime Come to Someplace” opens at moniquemeloche gallery on February 4, 2023. It will remain on view until March 18, 2023. The opening reception will take place on Friday February 3. The gallery is located at 451 North Paulina Street, Chicago, Illinois.

Description: moniquemeloche is pleased to present Lavar Munroe, Sometime Come to Someplace. This is the artist’s first solo exhibition with the gallery. Munroe, a Bahamian American artist, works with acrylic and mixed media on unstretched canvas, often incorporating objects and materials such as beads, jewelry, ceramic tiles, glass, textiles, chicken hides, and feathers. The artist’s work reflects the environment where he grew up, drawing from memory and mapping a personal journey of survival and trauma. In his new series, Munroe centers on their recent travel to Zimbabwe, exploring the cultural similarities between the Caribbean and southern Africa. 

Sometime Come to Someplace, a line spoken by Dorothy in The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, references the notion of a journey and feeling at home in a foreign place, and like Zimbabwe, is a place rich in social, political, and mythological histories. Munroe’s unique visual language viscerally captures the experience of late nights spent under the stars, dancing to the familiar sounds of steel drums around a crackling fire–often the night’s only source of light amidst the vast plateaus, the darkness energetic with wildlife. Taken together, the works on view embody the journey, magic, love, and celebration of escape through fantastical and dreamlike imagery.

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