Ti Whale An Nou: Whale and dolphin research expedition 2022

The 2022 iteration of the whale and dolphin research expeditions (six) organized by the Caribbean Cetacean Society’s Ti Whale An Nou program, in its continued work towards conservation of cetaceans, took place between March and September 2022.

This year, the third and sixth joint scientific expeditions of the Ti Whale An Nou program took place. Ti Whale An Nou means “our own little whales” in a mix of English and French Caribbean Creole. The research program studies the diversity, distribution and quantity of whales and dolphins in the Caribbean, as well as the threats facing them. The information is used to improve the conservation of cetaceans (whales and dolphins) in the Wider Caribbean region.  The expedition started in Martinique and covered a total of eleven Caribbean islands during their journey. Six scientific expeditions of 15 days took place between March and September 2022.

The expedition also focused on improving capacity building in the Caribbean by training the several representatives of the Protected Area Management Organizations to conduct marine mammal science. Therefore, from the Dutch Caribbean representatives joined third and sixth joint scientific expedition.

This expedition is coordinated by the Caribbean Cetacean Society (CCS) and is made possible thanks to several partners including  the World Wide Fund for Nature the Netherlands (WWF-NL), the Dutch Caribbean Nature Alliance (DCNA) and other partners. 

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Also see https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mv3Nhz9uYyA&t=50s

[Photo above: Caribbean Cetacean Society.]

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