New Book—“Waves: An Anthology of Caribbean Literature” 

Waves: An Anthology of Caribbean Literature (2023), a very useful, guided anthology edited by Patricia McDonald, was recently published by Cognella Academic Publishing.

Description: Waves: An Anthology of Caribbean Literature provides students with a curated, multi-disciplinary selection of works ranging from classic to contemporary readings. Featured authors include Nobel laureates Derek Walcott and V. S. Naipaul; seminal works utilizing Caribbean or creole language from Sam Selvon; classics from authors and poets, such as George Lamming, Claude McKay, and Kamau Brathwaite; and women authors, as they came into their own, exemplified in Jamaica Kincaid, Paule Marshall, and Edwidge Danticat, among others.

The anthology is organized into three units: Slavery and Colonialism; Language, Culture and Community; and Migration and Identity. Entries are followed with ideas and prompts labeled Connecting, Exploring, and Linking, which encourage readers to think critically and further engage with the characters and concepts within the readings. When possible, author biographies and photos provide students with further background and insight into their ideologies and personal stories.

Selections are explored through a variety of themes, including the loss and recovery of history, the evolution of language use, exigencies relating to the metropole, and considerations of migration, belonging, racism, family relationships, coming of age, and more. The topics are universal and familiar but presented through a uniquely Caribbean lens.

Designed to help students expand their knowledge of themselves and others, Waves is an ideal textbook for courses and programs in literature.

Patricia McDonald is an associate professor at Palm Beach State College, where she introduced and teaches Caribbean literature. She also teaches African American literature and composition. She holds master’s degrees in English and Communication from Florida Atlantic University and Florida State University, respectively. McDonald has published short stories in The Caribbean Writer and book chapters in Letters from the Future and Interracial Communication. Her work also appears in the Florida Atlantic Comparative Studies Journal. She is a past Rotary International Scholarship and Delores Auzenne Fellowship recipient.


The selections are accompanied by an editor’s introduction to the various authors and their works, plus a guide that will prove most useful to steer student discussions and enhance the understanding of each piece. Providing links and/or QR codes to related essays, videos, TED talks, blogs, among other options, helps to ‘listen’ to Caribbean voices and to ‘see’ Caribbean peoples and landscapes by amplifying and complementing the reading experience. A truly welcomed addition to Caribbean studies.”

—Mary Ann Gosser-Esquilín, Ph.D., Florida Atlantic University

“Waves: An Anthology of Caribbean Literature skillfully weaves the literary voices of Caribbean authors across time and space. Patricia Brown McDonald has composed a work that effectively intersects literature, history, and lived experiences. The selections provide powerful lessons about the importance of celebrating and retaining cultural values both in one’s homeland and in one’s adopted country.”

—Deborah Brunson, Professor Emeritus, Department of Communication Studies, University of North Carolina, Wilmington

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