Wisin y Yandel concert breaks records in Puerto Rico

A report by Erika Ardila for Al Día.

On Dec. 31, Wisin y Yandel celebrated more than two decades in music with their 14th show at the Coliseo José Miguel Agrelot in San Juan.

The artists bid farewell to the year with their loyal fans doing what they do best: music. 

“Let’s say goodbye to the year as it should 💃🕺,” the artists posted days before the big performance alongside a flyer for the show. Fans responded excitedly to being part of the duo’s history. 

With the last show, Wisin y Yandel broke a record as the first artists to perform a total of 39 shows in the most important venue in Puerto Rico.

“Getting on stage with my brother Wisin is in itself a great opportunity and achieving these records in the land that saw us born and supported us from the first moment until today in our journey through music is one of those great dreams that today become a reality,” said Yandel in a statement to EFE.

Wisin y Yandel’s latest performance marked the first time a new year’s celebration took place at the Choli, the name given to the José Miguel Agrelot Coliseum.

When the clock hit midnight, the 14,000 spectators joined the artists, dancers and everyone else involved in the show a welcome to remember for the new year. Videos shared on social media captured the special moment. 

“THANK YOU ALL FOR YOUR LOVE AND SUPPORT!!!! We don’t know what will happen this year but we are sure of one thing and that is that you will accompany us on this adventure,” the artists wrote on their own Instagram posts.

The La Última Misión tour began on Sept. 29 in Orlando, Florida with the first of 41 performances, and it ended on Saturday celebrating in their homeland.

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