Writing retreats in the Caribbean for women of color writers launches in Tobago

The Brooklyn Caribbean Literary Festival team recently shared the following announcement on “Island Scribe” writing retreats in Tobago for women writers of color.

Brooklyn Caribbean Literary Festival was one of the first to break the news about Island Scribe, writing retreats in the Caribbean for Black women and other women of colour writers worldwide. Launching in Castara, Tobago in May 2023, the inaugural retreat is almost sold out! Now is your chance to book your seaside writing studio using the promo code BCLFISLAND by December 17 for a 5% discount.

Don’t turn the page on this opportunity! Two spots remain for the May 6 to May 11 retreat dates. New dates have been added by demand for a May 27 to June 1 retreat.

Inspired by a long tradition of Caribbean writers who return to the region to dream, think, and create, Island Scribe is curated and hosted by Simone Dalton, a Trinidad-born, North America-based author, teaching artist and writing coach. Simone is a regular within our BCLF community and served as a festival event host in 2020 and 2021.

“For a long time I have dreamt of curating a space and community that honours the lived experiences of WOC writers, a space where they can be fully expressed on and off of the page,” says Simone.

The writers’ experience is built on the Island Scribe ethos: reflect, rejuvenate, and write. Writers will also have the option to amp up their experience with an extended stay and combo package called revel, hosted in Trinidad. Revel provides an opportunity for writers to celebrate all the work they did during the retreat, while steeped in the culture of the destination. This will include its literature, food, culture, and history. An additional cost applies for the extension.

Send your questions to islandscriberetreats@gmail.com.

For more information, visit https://islandscriberetreats.com/

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