Growing YouTube Channel Celebrates The Haitian Creole Language

Haiti native Stephanie Dorcius gains attention with interactive educational channel that teaches young and old Creole and Haitian culture.

Introducing YOUPI Creole TV, an educational YouTube channel that promotes learning the Haitian Creole language through different nursery rhymes. Founder and creator, Stephanie Dorcius, saw the importance to maintain the Haitian culture through the generations from learning and speaking the Haitian Creole language. “Once my son was born, I was even more passionate about keeping the educational aspect of the Haitian culture for him and other children,” Dorcius recollects.

While constantly drafting ideas on how to uplift and sustain the image of the Haitian culture through future generations, YOUPI Creole TV has gain positive support within the Haitian community. With a growing number of views, followers and subscribers, Dorcius is humbled but the early success. “In the spirit of unity, my win is our win, as this is for us all!”

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