Director Patrick Baucelin, passionate about history and heritage

Patrick Baucelin is currently shooting a historical film La Couleur de l’esclavage [The Color of Slavery]. The final touches are scheduled for the first quarter of 2023. But who is this enthusiast of the moving image? Daniel Betis (La1ère Martinique) reports on the Martinican director:

Knowing our history to better understand the future is a legitimate step taken by Martinican director Patrick Baucelin. He is currently filming the film: La Couleur de l’esclavage.

The main theme of this film deals with slavery. “To meet the need for labor in its colonies, Europe deported millions of African captives to the Caribbean. In four centuries, more than 15 million crossed the Atlantic (uprooted from their country in the purpose of working in the plantations) and exploited to produce sugar for the enrichment of the colonists,” report the historians. The director recounts daily life under the slave system. The reconstructed scenes are so close to reality, that they may shock…

A director with a passion for heritage

Born in 1957 in Fort-de-France, Patrick Baucelin was fascinated by images from his early youth. He follows his path and becomes an amateur photographer. In 1981, he set up his production studio, Studio Pat, and for several years worked on the commissioning and production of promotional, institutional, and advertising films.

Author, producer, screenwriter, director, lover, and defender of the heritage of Martinique and the Caribbean, he had to fight constantly to be recognized.

The click occurred in 1987, during the 3rd international film and medical book festival in Paris, he obtained his first international award, the “Caducée d’Or,” for “Vè ou konnet?”—a film on the prevention of parasitosis in Martinique.

“The perseverance and quality of my work are my capital,” he repeats. He is now considered a legitimate representative of Caribbean cinema.

Awards for heritage films

For 3 decades, Patrick Baucelin has had the merit of producing his own documentaries highlighting Martinican and Caribbean history, culture, and heritage. Some of his productions shown in international festivals have won awards.

“La Martinique” (22 mins) released in 1999, won several Excellence Awards in the USA. “The churches of Martinique” (2007), a 52-minute documentary, received several awards (Arizona, Ohio, Dallas, Kentucky), as did “Les Secrets des forteresses des Caraïbes” (2012), awarded in Utah, California, New York, Kentucky, and 1st prize in Guyana.

In 2013, his film “Le Costume traditionnel de l’esclavage à la grand robe,” won several distinctions: bronze, silver, gold, and platinum, in California, Texas and Indiana.

In 2018, “Les Secrets des forteresses 2” was in the official selection of independent film in Rome, Italy as well as at the Pan-African Festival in Cannes.

Translated by Ivette Romero. For full article, see

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