Small Axe (special section): “The Legacies of Luisa Capetillo” 

Luisa Capetillo, cuchillo en boca [Luisa Capetillo, Knife Between Her Teeth] is a performance piece by Teresa Hernández (with Beatriz Llenín Figueroa and Teresa Peña Jordán) that was played on April 30, 2022, at the Instituto del Karso de Puerto Rico y el Caribe (Karst Institute of Puerto Rico and the Caribbean), located in Arecibo, where Capetillo was born. The piece was performed at the invitation of Editora Educación Emergente (EEE) as part of events commemorating the centenary of Luisa Capetillo’s death (1882-1922), and in celebration of the new edition of the book Amor y anarquía: escritos de Luisa Capetillo (ed. and intro. Julio Ramos, EEE, 2021).

Small Axe 69, November 2022 features a special section dedicated to the memory of Luisa Capetillo, the radical Puerto Rican feminist, anarchist, organizer, and writer. The special section, titled “The Legacies of Luisa Capetillo” is guest-edited by Julio Ramos, and marks the centenary of her death in 1922. The performance piece is available in sx live titled, “Luisa Capetillo, cuchillo en boca” (Luisa Capetillo, Knife Between Her Teeth) by Teresa Hernández. You’ll find a recording of the performance piece, an accompanying text titled “On Luisa Capetillo, cuchillo en boca: a Cleansing and a Prophecy” (in English and in Spanish) by Beatriz Llenín-Figueroa, and supplementary still images.

[Read more and watch performance sx live.]


Luisa Capetillo: Teresa Hernández
Women with knives between their teeth: Beatriz Llenín Figueroa and Teresa Peña Jordán
Production assistant on location: Antonio “Toño” Ramos Vega
Cameras: Julio Ramos and Tatiana Rojas
Editor: Martín Yernazian
Book and promotional art: Zuleira Soto Román

For more information and the recording, see

[Photo above by Marisol Plard Narváez: Cover image: Walking Luisa. Capitolio. South Wing, San Juan.]

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