Nicole Dennis-Benn wins Prix Millepages 2022

PRIX MILLEPAGES 2022! Nicole Dennis-Benn’s Here Comes the Sun, translated into French (by Benoîte Dauvergne) as Si le soleil se dérobe (Editions De L’aube, 2022) has just won the Prix Millepages literary prize for best foreign literature. The other winner was South African author Damon Galgut for The Promise [La promesse].

Simon Payen describes Si le soleil se dérobe:

Nicole Dennis-Benn has a rare and precious gift: that of developing boundless empathy for her characters. When Patsy leaves Jamaica and her daughter Tru to go to Brooklyn and its endless promises, the American dream becomes a pipe dream. But regardless of sexism, homophobia, racism, or uprooting, nothing will stop their determination to savor happiness.

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