Art Exhibition—Jorge Sierra: “Fuera del marco”

Jorge Sierra’s “Fuera del marco” [Outside the Frame] is on view at Museo de Las Américas [Museum of the Americas] in Old San Juan, Puerto Rico, through February 26, 2023. On Sunday, November 27, at 1:00pm (AST) there will be a guided tour of the exhibition with artist Jorge Sierra and curator Ingrid Jiménez Martínez. El Adoquín Times reports:

In Hall 3 of the Museum of the Americas, artist Jorge Sierra’s exhibition Fuera del marco is on view. The new exhibition is the second that opened within the schedule of celebrations for the thirtieth anniversary of the institution.

“Jorge’s work Fuera del marco is positioned in a sequence of pictorial pronouncements about the nature of painting and the limits of representational space. The artist has given an innovative twist to the relationship between the frame and the composition—the outside and the inside—and the spatial limits of the composition. Sierra retains the painting; nevertheless, he abandons—in part—the illusory space, replacing it with flat collages and strong contours,” said Ingrid María Jiménez Martínez, curator and art historian.

Sierra’s artistic career has led him to present a range of individual and collective exhibitions, including at the University of Puerto Rico. His work has also been shown at Galería Blanco y Negro, Galería Botello, and Casa del Libro in Old San Juan. Jorge Sierra’s Fuera del marco will run until February 26, 2023, at the Museo de Las Américas.

Excerpts translated by Ivette Romero. For original article (in Spanish) see

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