Geoffrey Philp awarded Silver Musgrave Medal

Peepal Tree Press reminds us that our friend and colleague, Geoffrey Philp, will be awarded Silver Musgrave Medal in Literature on November 23, 2022. [Above: the book cover for his forthcoming collection, Archipelagos.]

On 23 November 2022, Geoffrey Philp will be granted the Silver Musgrave Medal by the Council of the Institute of Jamaica for outstanding merit in the field of literature. The Musgrave Medal is an annual award in recognition of achievement in art, science, and literature. Originally conceived in 1889, the award was named in memory of Sir Anthony Musgrave, the founder of the Institute and the former Governor of Jamaica who had died the previous year.

On 16 March 2023, we’re publishing Philp’s new collection. In Archipelagos, Philp’s powerful and elegant poems span past and present and make it very clear that there cannot be a moral response to the climate crisis that is not also embedded in the struggle for social justice, for overcoming the malignancies of empire and colonialism and the power of global capitalism.

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