New Book—“Miami Picadillo: Recipes for Contemporary Art”

[Many thanks to Teo Freytes for bringing this item to our attention.] Alfredo Triff’s collection of essays Miami Picadillo: Recipes for Contemporary Art 2009-2023 was launched on October 28, 2022, at LnS Gallery in Miami, Florida.

Charo Oquet (interdisciplinary artist and curator) says, “Picadillo is a timely and thoughtful book on exhibitions of Miami artists drawn from extensive experience and research. Triff draws on his knowledge of art, art history, and local history. Anyone interested in learning about the arts in Miami should definitely read these essays.”

Nina Johnson (Nina Johnson Gallery) writes “Alfredo Triff is one of the few articulate voices helping contextualize and historicize exhibitions in our city. His writing is thoughtful, global, and consistent, and his presence within the community is without parallel.”

Description: Alfredo Triff’s “Miami Picadillo” is a book about art criticism in one of the most vibrant cities for contemporary art in the United States. With straightforward and accessible lingo, Triff presents Miami’s exhibits, emerging artists, museums, galleries, and alternative spaces.

Triff defends criticism as a standard for the authenticity of art at a moment when contemporary art is becoming both massive and trivial. While contemporary art is positioned to present and reflect on decisive issues in our culture, authentic criticism disappears under the weight of advertising and the blandness of social media. Triff points out harmful aspects of contemporary art, such as the homogenization of “art-fair art,” the curator’s ubiquitous “artspeak,” over-the-top publicity, and the disappearance of craft by outsourced labor.

Alfredo Triff has worked as an art critic for Miami publications, such as The Miami New Times, The Miami Sun Post, The Miami Herald, and El Nuevo Herald. Triff is a lecturer in the History of design at the University of Miami and a blogger @miami.bourbaki.

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