Martinican rapper Meryl signs with Universal Music

Serge Bile (La1ereMartinique) reports that Martinican rapper Meryl’s label Maison Caviar has just signed with Universal after her recent hit song “Béni” [listen to the song in the link below.]

The Martinican rapper, revealed by her hit Béni, announced on Friday October 21, 2022, that she had signed with Universal. She posted photos and videos showing her on the premises of the music publishing giant.

“I never stopped working with my folks. Thank you”. It is with this comment published on her Instagram account under a group photo taken at the premises of Universal Music, that the Martinican singer rejoiced at the good news: her label Maison Caviar has signed with the famous record company.

Other photos also illustrate the event as well as videos including one where we see Meryl arriving, with her little people, all smiles, at the headquarters of the international leader in music publishing. Two hands uncork a bottle of champagne. The bubbles fizz in the glasses. Laughter bursts from the lips.

Whoever is taking the photo zooms in on a basketball stamped West Indies, to remind, if need be, where Meryl and her team come from. “I took my time for things and I know it will be effective in any case”, explains the singer, her voice drowned out by the sound of one of her songs which hammers: “I gave more hope to the neighborhood than Jesus this year” [ “J’ai donné plus d’espoir au quartier que Jésus cette année”].

Meryl’s arrival at Universal Music is welcomed by her fans who were beginning to get impatient. “I am happy. An kontan vwèw. I was impatiently awaiting your return. Welcome back to the GAME,” applauds a visibly trilingual subscriber. [. . .]

Fans had worried about Meryl’s silence and her withdrawal from public life between September 2021 and June 2022. The two or three times she had reappeared, her messages had been cryptic. Since then, the 27-year-old woman claims to have found “the sensations” again. The good news of the day confirms it.

Listen to “Béni” here:

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