Smadification: The Spirituality of Jamaica’s Dancehall Culture

“Smadification: The Spirituality of Jamaica’s Dancehall Culture” is a multidisciplinary event to be held at the Bloomsbury Theatre (15 Gordon Street, London, England) on Thursday, October 13, 2022. There will be a question-and-answer session after the performance.

Description: This is an exciting uplifting evening of music, dance, and conversation. Dancer and performer Sheba Monserrat will be in conversation with Dr H Patten MBE about his book called Reading Religion and Spirituality in Jamaican Reggae Dancehall Dance: Spirit Bodies Moving. Sheba and Dr H will deconstruct dancehall dance movements with live performances. This is an energetic educational show full of laughter and fun is presented as part of Black History Month.

Lynda Rosenior-Patten writes: “Smadification (being somebody of worth), where entertainment and education unite and deliver edutainment at its finest! In conversation with the UK’s leading Dancehall Scholar Dr ‘H’ Patten, artistic director, dancer, choreographer, visual artist, storyteller and African & Caribbean Dance Lecturer, this interactive event explores the spiritual nature of Jamaican Dancehall music and culture. Also featuring performances by UK’s leading Dancehall Artists: Ashdon ‘CrazyLegz’ Smith from Fresh Az Ice Dancers and Shida di Dancer, it is hosted by the incomparable Sheba Montserrat.”

For more details on the event, see and

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