Antonio Martorell, Riestra y los Bohíques: Music and New Paintings

In the context of Antonio Martorell’s exhibition “Entretelas,” curated by Humberto Figueroa and on view at the Museum of the Americas [Museo de las Américas (Antiguo Cartel de Ballajá)] in Old San Juan, Puerto Rico, there will be a musical performance by the group Juan Riestra y los Bohíques.

Two new paintings by the artist inspired by songs by Riestra y los Bohíques will be unveiled at the event, which takes place on Sunday, August 28, 2022, at 1:00pm.

[The word “entretelas” may refer to interlining in reference to sewing garments, to express profound feelings, or to refer to intimate details— the ins and outs—of a person or situation.] 

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