Art Exhibition: “Threads of Identity”

The solo exhibition “Threads of Identity” of visual artist Shaundell Horton opens tonight, July 7, at 7:30pm at Readytex Art Gallery (located at Maagden St 46 -48, Paramaribo, Suriname). The exhibition will be on view until July 30, 2022.

Born in our neighboring country Guyana, the artist acknowledges that both her birth country, as well Suriname, where she has spent most of her life, play an important role in her art and her identity.

In a diverse collection of paintings and ceramic pieces in which she incorporates collaged teabags, embroidered details or crocheted elements, Shaundell emphasizes the space that she allows herself to remain receptive to new impressions and influences. And indeed, the literal Threads of Identity in her work are increasingly fused with other visual elements that ultimately form the threads of a much broader narrative.

Threads of Identity is open until Saturday the 30th of July, during our regular opening hours from Monday-Friday from 8:00am–4:30pm, Saturday from 8:30am–1:30pm. Closed on holidays.

On Saturdays there will be guided tours of the exhibition.

If you would like to join, please register in advance by WhatsApp: +597 8945911 or email:

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