Rita Indiana and PJ Sin Suela @ Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts

Saturday, July 16 at 6:00 pm

There are two ways to access this event: 
1. General Admission, first-come first-served. Just show up! 
2. Limited Advance Reservation will also be available for this event, opening Tuesday, July 12 at noon.

Tickets are free!

Dominican-born singer-songwriter Rita Indiana’s role as a queer icon, her punk sensibilities, literary bona fides and boundary-pushing performances have made her one of Latin America’s leading voices. Her return to the studio for the first time in a decade for 2020’s Mandinga Times is a bold step forward for a major artist emerging from musical hibernation. Bronx-born Puerto Rican PJ Sin Suela put his rapping career on temporary hold to work as a medical doctor throughout COVID. These days, the popular lyricist channels healing energy through his music. 

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