Documenta 15: Atis Rezistans – Ghetto Biennale

Haiti-based Atis Rezistans presents a multimedia installation, artist residencies, performances, screenings, and discussions in Kassel, Germany. In “documenta15: Installation View,” C& América Latina presents a spectacular photo gallery of works of the Atis Rezistans – Ghetto Biennale at documenta15. [Here are just two of the installation views.]

Earlier this month, in her “Documenta 15 Diary: Beyond Borders,” Emily Watlington (Art in America) wrote about documenta 15:

[. . .] There are also mentions of offsite, far-flung projects funded through the collective resource pot, like the Ghetto Biennale in downtown Port-au-Prince put on by the Haitian group Atis Rezistans. Their installation of Voodoo sculptures made in part with human bones, on view in a Catholic church called St. Kunigundis, is a must-see if in Kassel.

Yet plenty of work artists are putting on under the framework of this show isn’t on view in this German city, and it won’t ever be. Documenta 15 oozes beyond any institutional or national borders, and acknowledges that creating art objects, then sentencing them to a white cube, where they are separated from real life, is a recent, Western idea. The show wasn’t made only for those with the passports and privilege to get to Germany. Perhaps this is the only way to have a truly global exhibition.

For more by Watlington, see

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