Public art project: “Veo Veo, I See I See, Mwen wè Mwen wè”

The Miami Museum of Contemporary Art is co-hosting a Creative Conversation Juneteenth Celebration with Hampton Art Lovers on June 17, 2022, at the Ward Rooming House (249 NW 9th Street, Miami, Florida) with the launch of the “Veo Veo, I See I See, Mwen wè Mwen wè”—an interactive public art project.

In commemoration of Juneteenth, the Miami Museum of Contemporary Art (Miami MoCAAD) is proud to launch Veo Veo, I See I See, Mwen wè Mwen wè, an interactive public art project that combines visual art, storytelling, and technology to explore the community of Overtown. 

On Friday, June 17, Miami MoCAAD and the Hampton Art Lovers will co-host a Juneteenth #CreativeConversation and Celebration at the Ward Rooming House (249 NW 9th St, Miami, FL 33136). Doors open at 5:30pm; #Creative Conversation: 6pm; 7:30pm -Tour to experience Miami MoCAAD’s first interactive mural; Celebration: 7pm-9pm. You must register to attend in person, as seating is limited. Eventbrite:

In addition the creative conversation will be streamed live on Miami MoCAAD’s Facebook channel. 

Veo Veo, I See I See, Mwen wè Mwen wè, mural project begins at 1021 NW 2nd Avenue, Miami, FL, the office building of the late Judge Lawson E. Thomas. Thomas was Miami-Dade County’s first Black judge, who presided over the only purely racially segregated court system in the United States known as the “Negro Municipal Court.” The mural will be created by artist Anthony Reed II, known as “Mojo,” and will pay homage to this important place and its history.

“We are excited to tell some of these little-known stories of individuals and locations significant to Miami’s hidden Black history. The site-specific murals embedded with unique QR codes will engage the public and showcase works of talented Black artists,” states Marilyn Holifield, co-founder Miami MoCAAD.

The oral histories will share untold stories of the people and places of this proud Black community that thrived before “urban renewal” highways decimated homes and businesses in Overtown and Black communities across the country. By scanning the QR codes, viewers will become immersed in Overtown-related interactive treasure hunt games; an interactive 3-D model of the artist providing biographical information, and an interactive museum experience map that invites engagement to chart the future Miami MoCAAD. The murals and oral histories will become part of Miami MoCAAD’s archive, documenting the museum’s journey to a digital/physical hybrid museum space. 

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