Here is a call for papers for a special edition of Caribbean InTransit, organized around the theme “(Dis)-Ease: Status of the Artist.” The deadline for this edition, led by Christopher Cozier and Brett Pyper, is June 30, 2022.

(Dis)-Ease: Status of the Artist. Caribbean InTransit: Vol. 3 Issue 7 / DEADLINE June 30, 2022

In the fiction of our reality of the global pandemic of COVID-19, the artist has found himself/herself particularly dis-located. However, while old norms are de-familiarized creating an extensive sense of dissonance for most of society, the state of dis–ease for the artist is familiar. It is a continuous dis-ease with the norms of society that has in fact often produced the artist and fuels his works. It is distress, disgust, distrust of societal values, ways of thinking and seeing that fires his vision. It is dis-location, dis-aster and dys-topia that produces his/her visions for utopic production. Crisis can thus often be a valued space for the artist as creative impulse, an affective response is potentially, theoretically, at its height in this moment. The affective response is meaningfully channeled. Nonetheless, the practical safety nets that can help to absorb the shock of this moment of rampant dis-ease are more often than not, absent, especially for Caribbean arts practitioners. 

This issue of the Caribbean InTransit journal grapples with the notion of dis-ease- the physical malaise produced by bacteria; the dismantling of the status quo caused by acute social disease of systemic racism and other social atrocities; dis-ease as a paradoxical space of creativity and productivity for the artist; the social safety nets of legitimization, formalization and professionalization of the artist in society where health and life insurance, loans and other services are lacking. Ultimately, this issue seeks to document and produce potential roadmaps for dis-ease as a productive crisis.

Possible themes include: Professionalization of the artist;Dis-ease and the de-colonizing of the institution; Black Justice: Repatriation, Reparation and Revolution; Diversity, Equity and Inclusion through Art and the Art Curriculum; Arts/ Creative Entrepreneurship in the age of Dis-ease; Dis-ease: Access to finance; Blockchain, NFTs and Communities of Value in the Caribbean; Collectives, the Tribe and Communities of Value in addressing Dis-ease; The New Curriculum: Decolonial realities; Activism of Dis-ease; (Dis)-ease: Disruption as Productivity; and Visual Agendas, Programming/ Public- Private Partnerships for the Professionalization of the Artist.

SUBMISSIONS: We welcome 4000 to 5000-word essays, in English, Spanish or French. Artwork, music, dance, poetry, mas or junkanoo designs or any other artistic expression with blurbs in English, French, Spanish, Dutch, dialect, or Creole are welcome as well as films in any language with subtitles in English. Fiction or non-fiction writings in English or dialects will be accepted. Writings in dialect should be accompanied by a translation of terms. Research papers on visual or vocal modes of expression as well as interviews of contemporary artists in English are also welcome.

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