New Issue: Wasafiri 110

Wasafiri (110): “Afterlives of Indenture,” guest edited by Nalini Mohabir and Andil Gosine, covers the legacy of indentureship across the Indo-Caribbean and beyond, and features cover artwork by Kelly Sinnapah Mary (who is also featured in the issue). You may order now at

Co-editor Andil Gosine describes issue 110 of Wasafiri (Summer 2022):

A frank assessment by Ramabai Espinet (“your question of the afterlife of indentureship is…nearly unanswerable at this time”), in response to Richard Fung, kicks off the issue, in an introduction written with my champion co-editor Nalini Mohabir (Espinet’s and Fung’s stirring conversation follows); an epic new poem by Shani Mootoo powerfully concludes it.

In between are essays by Kevin Jared HoseinTzarina Tavielle Prater, Maria del Pilar Kaladeen and Andre Basheir, new works of fiction by Ingrid Persaud and Stephen Narain, poems by Shivanee N. RamlochanFaizal Deen, Kaie Kellough, Ann-Margaret LimAmílcar Presi Sanatan and Linzey Corridon, an interview by Nalini with former Trinidadian Prime Minister Basdeo Panday, and reviews by Rajiv MohabirAndre Bagoo and Kaneesha Cherelle Parsard, among others—all held in this beautiful cover by Kelly Sinnapah Mary (whose “Quarantine” series is the focus of my essay). A very special gathering long in the making, and Nalini and I are so grateful to see it come to fruition.

The conversation will continue LIVE IN TORONTO on the evening of JULY 5 and signed, hard copies will be available, thanks to Another Story Bookshop, following performances! Details will be shared soon.

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