New Issue: Archipelagos Journal 6

Editors Kaiama L Glover and Alex Gil recently announced issue 6 of archipelagos journal, a special issue on the Digital Library of the Caribbean (dLOC) created by guest editors Perry Collins (UF) and Hadassah Sacha St. Hubert (NEH). This issue includes a tribute to île-en-île! Here is the Table of Contents. Read the full issue at

Introduction: The essays in this special issue of archipelagos journal are dedicated to the towering work of the Digital Library of the Caribbean. Our guest editors for this issue are Perry Collins and Hadassah St. Hubert

A love letter to librarians
Kaiama L. Glover and Alex Gil

The Digital Library of the Caribbean: At the Crossroads of Caribbean Memory and Sustainability
Perry Collins and Hadassah St. Hubert PDF


Colección digital El Tacón de la Chancleta, una mirada a los feminismos de la década de 1970 en Puerto Rico
Elizabeth Crespo Kebler PDF

Digitization as Revival: A Case Study of the Musée Ogier-Fombrun
Natália Marques da Silva, Jean Mozart Féron, and Mireille Fombrun Mallebranche PDF

Edward Kamau Brathwaite at Carifesta ‘72: The Occasion for Caribbean Criticism
René Johannes Kooiker PDF

Archivística y sonoridad: un ejercicio práctico para conocer mejor el patrimonio documental del Archivo Histórico de Vieques en la Biblioteca Digital del Caribe
Ivelisse Rivera Bonilla and Nadjah Ríos Villarini PDF

dLOC as Practice: Decolonial Approaches to Listening and Remembering
Ricia Anne Chansky and Christina Boyles

Data is patrimony: on developing a decolonial model for access and repatriation of sociolinguistic data
Nicté Fuller Medina PDF

Layering Caribbean Texts and Modalities: Relational Pedagogies for Secondary Language Arts Classrooms
Molly Hamm-Rodríguez and Lisa Ortiz PDF

Many Lifetimes of Knowledge: The History of the Bibliothèque Haïtienne des Frères de l’Instruction Chrétienne’s Newspaper Collection and Its Digital Future
Claire Antone Payton, Anne Eller, and Lewis Ampidu Clorméus PDF

Digital Projects

Real-life and Fictional Chronologies: on building a set of timelines around René Depestre’s Hadriana dans tous mes rêves
Laura Vargas Zuleta PDF

Retrospective on Île en île: After 23 years of rich and sustained activity, the landmark Caribbean digital project île-en-île ceased production. At archipelagos journal we wanted to honor the two decades of pioneering editorial work of Thomas C. Spear, and the many contributions of île-en-île to our field, by doing two things: First, we helped Thomas implement several archival strategies for the site; and second, we invited several scholars and educators to reflect on the impact of the site on our teaching and research. Below are their reflections.

An Archipelagic Antidote to Critical Clichés
Françoise Lionnet PDF

Following in Île en île’s Footsteps
Nathan H. Dize PDF

Île en île : comme un nouvel instrument de navigation
Eddy Banaré PDF

Island Pedagogies: Discovery, Engagement, and Connection
Régine Michelle Jean-Charles PDF

Île en île: A Digital Voyage of Discovery
Lizabeth Paravisini-Gebert PDF

Rétrospective sur le site Île en île
Frenand Léger PDF

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