53rd Annual ACH Conference: “RESILIENCE”

The 53rd Annual Conference of the Association of Caribbean Historians (ACH) takes place online the week of June 5-10, 2022, at The University of the West Indies (UWI)-Mona, in Kingston, Jamaica. The conference is organized around the theme of “Resilience.” Here is their announcement:

The ACH Executive Committee is pleased it announce that its 53rd Annual Conference of the Association of Caribbean Historians (ACH) will be held in Kingston, Jamaica from Sunday, June 5 to Friday, June 10, 2022. Due to the ongoing COVID-19 Pandemic and its impact on the Caribbean, the 53rd ACH Conference will be held online.

The ACH welcomes this opportunity to work with local organisers in the Department of History and Archaeology at The University of the West Indies, Mona Campus. The ACH has chosen the overarching theme of “Resilience” for our 53rd Annual Conference.

We encourage participants to reflect on how the region’s resilience has been tested historically, and to share their research on the challenges and other developments which have shaped the Caribbean region. Our 53rd annual conference comes at an important period in Caribbean nationhood. The region enters a new phase in its independence trajectory with some of the English-speaking territories commemorating sixty years of independence. At the same time recent political turmoil, global health challenges and natural disasters have presented development challenges. The region continues to be highly dependent on international travel and communication and is highly vulnerable to external shocks in the global economy. In spite of the challenges individual states are actively re-shaping themselves and are at different phases of their independence journeys. In this context, the theme “Resilience” provides an important focal point.

Join us at the 53rd ACH conference as we explore the challenges and successes of the Caribbean region.

There are two (2) steps required to register for the 53rd ACH Conference:

1. Register for the conference. Please follow the payment link: https://eservices.mona.uwi.edu/ach-conferece-2022-uwimona

PLEASE NOTE: Customers are required to create an account and register their credit card before making a payment on the University’s E-commerce platform. The card registration process involves filling out a form with the users credit card details and upon successful submissions, a test transaction charge is made to the customer’s account which they will then need to contact their bank (or look on their online banking platform) to get in order to enter on the next screen to confirm their card. After their credit card has been registered only then will they be able to make payment for the conference.  Conference attendees can get in touch with the LOC at: ach2022jamaica@gmail.com if they have any questions or challenges completing the process.

2. Become a Member/ Renew Membership. Please follow the link https://associationofcaribbeanhistorians.org/membership-giving/. All participants in the conference must also be current members of the Association.

For more information go to https://associationofcaribbeanhistorians.org/

[Shown above: Lime Cay by Bertrand Gimat. See original at https://www.flickr.com/photos/beberinho/5898668402/.]

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