José Luis Vargas: “Vehículos y puentes”  

Visual artist José Luis Vargas leads the collective project “Vehículos y puentes” [Vehicles and Bridges], which will be on view at the MADMi, Museo de Arte y Diseño de Miramar [Miramar Museum of Art and Design] in San Juan, Puerto Rico. The exhibition opens on Saturday, May 14, 2022, at noon at the the MADMi, in Titín Hall. The museum describes the exhibition here:

Since its inception, MADMi has always been very aware of being part of the community and has been actively involved in the social development of the Santurce and Miramar area. From that mission came the support for the “Vehículos y puentes” project by visual artist and educator José Luis Vargas, which we will present this Saturday, May 14.

The project uses art as a tool to achieve introspection, dialogues, and transformations. The participants are mainly made up of people who were once homeless and now serve as counselors for others through the Equity and Social Justice Program of the La Fondita de Jesús Corporation.

Several communities in the area, such as Shanghai, Villa Clemente, La Perla, and Colective El Hangar, will also participate, in solidarity with the effort to minimize the stigma and misinformation that often surrounds homeless people.

Through drawing and painting workshops, dialogue sessions based on the book The Four Agreements by Miguel Ruíz, and an assemblage of shopping carts turned into mobile sculptures, the participants were immersed for several months in processes of self-reflection that will be displayed in the final works to be exhibited at the museum during the month of May.

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