The 11th Miami Performance International Festival ‘22 (M/P ’22)

The 11th Edition of Miami Performance International Festival ’22, curated by Charo Oquet, will take place from May 18 to 20, 2022. See more on the event and participating artists below.

5/18/22 6:00pm Virtual Video Festival: Virtual Facebook, YouTube, and Live at EZ  

5/19/22 6:00-9:00pm: The Bass Museum 2100 Collins Avene, Miami Beach, Florida

5/20/22 6:00-10:00pm: Edge Zones Art Center, 3317 NW 7th Avenue Circle, Miami, Florida

Description: The 11th Edition of Miami Performance International Festival ‘22 (M/P ’22), will be held in a hybrid format, combining in-person and online film screenings and events. The in-person components of the festival will take place at The Bass Museum in Miami Beach, FL and at Edge Zones Art Space, Miami, FL. The online components will be hosted through Edge Zones virtual YouTube and Facebook platforms and archived in our Vimeo Channel with most screenings accessible globally.  This year we will consider the impacts of social tension and unrest, reflecting on the ongoing global coronavirus pandemic, war and peace within Western countries, and inequality and prejudice in all levels of society and politics.  These situations require a new perspective on global earthly politics, which also implies our policies for performances and festivals.  

Building on its reputation as the most important performance festival in South Florida, with its 11th edition M/P’22 has furthered its efforts to broaden public understanding and access to art across Miami. Starting on May 18th, 2022, the festival will open with a one-day virtually streaming program consisting of performance videos and video works. It will culminate with two days of in-person live performances on May 19th and May 20th, 2022, curated with local Miami, national and international artists at The Bass Museum in Miami Beach, FL on May 19th, and at Edge Zones Art Center in Miami on May 20th, 2022. This festival puts M/P’22 artists at all career stages in critical dialogue with one another and with M/P’22 audiences. Each year, an audience from Miami and the broader US gather to enjoy the varied ways that M/P artists represent and montage their social realities. In this multidimensional, multichannel communication its aim is to turn receivers into active transmitters and to support submissions of performance from all over the world. The festival will become an echo chamber, a resonating space of symbiotic forms of communication—a response to the symbiotic planet. The recognition that life on Earth arises and endures through the symbiosis of all life forms demanding new modes of communication. 

Participating Artists: Arantxa Araujo (Mex/US) | Steven Baboun (Haiti) | Hazile Barris (US) | Analía Beltrán Janés (Spain) | Lee Campbell (UK) | Cinthya Escorcia (Colombia) | House Pencil Green (US) | Seiko Kitayama (Japan) | Tomás Pichardo Espaillat (DR) | Sandra Portal-Andreu (USA) | Geraldine Rivera (DR) | Anabel Vanoni (Mex) | Roma Vaquero Diaz (Argentina) | (More to come)

Thursday 5/19/22 event: Jenna Balfe (US) | Maria Theresa Barbist (US) | Agua Dulce (US) | Marco Guglielmi Reimmortal (US) | Kunstwaffen (US) | Arsimmer McCoy (US) | Morir Sonando | Two Coin | TLL Dance Ensemble (Haiti/Miami) | Rafael Vargas-Bernard (US)

Friday 5/20/22 event: Bongo wattZ (US) | El Fugue (US)| José Hernández Sánchez (US) | Stuart King (US) | Maldita Vaina (DR) | Pocket of Lollipops (US) | Rat Bastard (US) | Julio Roloff (US) | Richard Vergez and Monica Mesa (US) | Rachel Weiss (US) 

Edge Zones has a 24-year history of supporting artistic practices in the public domain.  EZ produces events located specifically and contextually in Miami and the Caribbean region through participatory processes.  With the Miami Performance International Festival, EZ will seek to establish a new network of public engagement in Miami and Miami Beach.

EZ is a platform for cultural production, artists and volunteer-run contemporary arts non-profit dedicated to the research, conceptualization and execution of events that strengthen the contemporary art environment in Miami. EZ seeks to make contemporary art accessible, to engage audiences and to create a focal point for international research and awareness.  

[Shown above: Photo by Haitian artist Steve Baboun from his series FÈT ÈZILI (2021).]

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