Art Exhibition: “Metaphors” (Reception: May 7)

The art exhibition “Metaphors” has opened at West Strand Art Gallery in Kingston, New York. Curated by Isabel and Julio Nazario, this exhibition presents surrealist paintings, collages, drawings, and sculptures by four artists: Rodríguez Calero (Puerto Rico), Josh Kramb (United States), Eliezer Parrilla (Puerto Rico), Nitza Tufiño (Mexico/Puerto Rico). It will be on view May 5 through 29. The gallery will host a reception this Saturday, May 7, from 4:00 to 6:00pm. [The West Strand Art Gallery is located at 29 West Strand Street, Rondout, Historic District, Kingston, New York.]

Description: West Strand Art Gallery is pleased to open its second season with METAPHORS, an exhibition featuring paintings, collages, drawings and sculptures by artists Rodriguez Calero, Josh Kramb, Eliezer Parrilla, and Nitza Tufiño. Together this engaging group of artists share a surrealist aesthetic approach to metaphor and narrative, a subtle subtext expressed in distinctive mediums and styles. The works on view address issues such as gender and racial boundaries; emotional states of mind; Jungian archetypes and the subconscious; as well as explore historical, cultural and political context.

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[Shown above: Rodríguez Calero, 2020 Collage—detail.]

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