Caribbean bookstagrammers, booktubers, and bookbloggers

From Curaçao, our friend Peter Jordens sent us a selected compilation of links featuring Caribbean bookstagrammers, booktubers, and bookbloggers (see below). Here is an excerpt from an article by Kimberly Inglis (Loop TT) featuring Cindy Allman, a “bookstagrammer [who] encourages locals to #ReadCaribbean” through her BookofCinz.

Cindy Allman’s love for reading started early in her childhood as her father worked at a bookstore. She remembered always having books around the house and reading often. It’s no surprise that she now considers herself a bookstagrammer encouraging others to read, read more and read widely.

Like her father, Allman found herself working at a bookstore during one of her vacation periods. She laughed saying that she would sometimes find herself reading more than helping customers. As her love for reading grew, she began posting content related to books to her Instagram page and found that it didn’t get the engagement she anticipated.

Therefore, in January 2018 she decided to create a new Instagram page dedicated to sharing bookish content. She said, “I found that there was a community on Instagram called bookstagram and I created a public page where I could talk about and share books. Unlike my personal page, I also wouldn’t have to worry thinking, ‘Well, I can’t post so much about books’ because that’s literally what the page was created for.”

Within a year, the Instagram page BookofCinz, gained lots of followers and she was able to use the platform to start the trending hashtag #ReadCaribbean. According to Allman, what sparked the initiative was seeing various events and cultures celebrated on bookstagram. As a Jamaican residing in Trinidad and Tobago for years, Allman was moved to do something that would represent the Caribbean. [. . .]

The Read Caribbean initiative continues to grow each year and even outside of the month of June, seeks to encourage persons to read books about the Caribbean, books set in the Caribbean or those written by Caribbean nationals or persons of Caribbean heritage.

[. . .] While a difficult choice for a bookstagrammer like herself, Allman noted that her top 5 authors are Kei Miller, Alexia Arthurs, Marlon James, Melanie Schwapp and Nicole Dennis-Benn. Last year she read a total of 116 books and anticipates reading about the same number this year. She’s currently looking forward to reading the debut novel by Trinidadian author, Breanne Mc Ivor. [. . .]

For full article, see

[Photo above is Cindy Allman (Photo by: Gabriella Garcia).]

Here are links to Cindy Allman and selected other Caribbean bookstagrammers, booktubers, and bookbloggers:

Cindy Allman, Book of Cinz (Jamaican in Trinidad and Tobago)

Caro, Afrovegana (Puerto Rican)

Karen Wright-Brown, Runwright Reads (Jamaican-American)
Peta-Gay Allen, Comfy Cozy Up (Jamaican-American)

Reisha Navya, Reading With Rai (Trinbagonian)

Sasha Wells, Bahareads (Bahamian)

Tiara Jade Chutkhan, Bookworm Babe (Canadian with Indo-Caribbean roots)

Rebel Women Lit provides a list of additional sources for Caribbean bibliophiles at

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