David Muir releases photobook to commemorate “Jamaica 60”

“Renowned Jamaican photographer David Muir releases photobook to commemorate ‘Jamaica 60,’” an article by Sheri-Kae McLeod for Caribbean National Weekly:

Ten years after the release of his internationally acclaimed photobook “Pieces of Jamaica: The Real Rock Edition,” South Florida-based Jamaican photographer David Muir is releasing a second volume.

The 2022 edition of “Pieces of Jamaica” commemorates Jamaica’s 60th anniversary of independence. It will offer a stunning depiction of Jamaican culture. Especially, those not typically published or celebrated, in a visual narrative of Jamaica’s beauty. The book and associated products will be available for pre-order in April at piecesofjamaica.com, with distribution beginning in the summer.

Photographer and fine artist Sean Henry has joined Muir to capture evocative pictures of the land they love. Both recently completed a project to capture visitor-oriented images for Jamaica Tourist Board campaigns.

Appeal to Jamaicans in the Diaspora

The new photo art collection is meant to satisfy the appetites of Jamaicans in the diaspora, fans of the island and residents who revere their home. In “Pieces of Jamaica,” more than 150 pages of new images will tell a story of the island, her culture, people, landscapes, traditions and more.

The book will highlight both familiar and little-known areas that beckon readers abroad to visit and encourage those on the island to explore. Throughout the book, national prose, quotes from Jamaican thought-leaders and influencers, as well as the artists’ own words will be featured.

Muir Celebrating Jamaica

David Muir, an entrepreneur, and community leader in South Florida, says his special love for candid, cultural, and lifestyle photography is a signature component of his art collections.

His photographs have been displayed in exhibitions at home and abroad. In addition, he is an in-demand commercial photographer working from his base in South Florida. As president of Island Syndicate, a multiple-award-winning publishing company dedicated to storytelling excellence, Muir is poised to create the quintessential Jamaican photo collection.

“I wanted to celebrate Jamaica because of how much I love it,” Muir said. “I wanted to extol the virtues of Jamaica because I had left it, and I wanted other people to know how wonderful Jamaica is. People expressed how much my images connected with them and how special they were. I don’t necessarily see myself as the best photographer. But I certainly feel as though what I share about Jamaica feels like the truth.”

Contributions by Sean Henry

Sean Henry will contribute photos as well as fine art pieces to the printed collection. He is best known for his lifelike illustrations of Jamaican scenery and culture, in addition to portraits in watercolor, pastel, ink, charcoal, and mixed media. A graduate of the Edna Manley College of the Visual and Performing Arts. He founded screen printing and graphics house IYA Limited which he has operated since 1988. [. . .]

For full article, see https://www.caribbeannationalweekly.com/jamaica-60/renowned-jamaican-photographer-david-muir-releases-photobook-to-commemorate-jamaica-60

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