Film: “Lo que le pasó a Santiago” returns to theaters in PR

[Many thanks to Iris Ruiz-Grech for bringing this item to our attention.] The 1989 film Lo que le pasó a Santiago [What happened to Santiago], directed by Jacobo Morales, is now being screened in Puerto Rico (in Caribbean Cinemas) as part of the centennial celebration of actor Tommy Muñiz. It is the only Puerto Rican film that has been nominated for an Oscar.

The only Puerto Rican film to be nominated for an Oscar [is] screening on March 31 at Caribbean Cinemas in Plaza las Américas, Plaza Carolina, Plaza del Caribe in Ponce, Western Plaza, Las Piedras, Barceloneta, Plaza del Sol, Las Catalinas, Plaza Guaynabo, Montehiedra, Arecibo and Fajardo.

This romantic comedy originally premiered in 1989 with the performances of Muñiz and Gladys Rodríguez. It was written and directed by Jacobo Morales, and produced by Producciones Pedro Muñiz, with an elect made up of Johanna Rosaly, René Monclova, Roberto Vigoreaux, Jaime Bello, Claribel Medina, Pedro Javier Muñiz and Morales himself.

“Although the original premiere was scheduled for September 1989, it had to be postponed until November of that year due to the impact that Hurricane Hugo caused on the island. So you can imagine how transcendental it was for everyone to get the movie to the cinema,” Morales recalled. “Now, with all the challenges we have lived through, we are once again making history with this relaunch, giving new generations the opportunity to live the experience of a Puerto Rican production that set standards at the time, as well as highlight Tommy’s human values ​​and that youth knows him continues to be an important purpose within the activities of the centenary of his birth”, he added in a press release.

Pedro Muñiz [. . .] recalled when the film competed for the Oscar. “This project became a source of great pride for all Puerto Ricans because it competed head-to-head with million-dollar film productions, and its quality earned it an Oscar nomination in the category of best foreign film. It was worth remembering this important event in [our father’s] life, above all, because for him this film meant a lot in his career because it was a project where we all collaborated as a family,” he said.

“What happened to Santiago” tells the story of Santiago Rodríguez, a man who retires at the age of 65. Visiting the grave of his late wife, he meets a mysterious woman with whom he feels a special chemistry. The plot includes the typical family entanglements that a relationship for a 65-year-old may pose.

[Image above: Gladys Rodríguez and Tommy Muñiz in a still from Lo que le pasó a Santiago.]

Translated by Ivette Romero. For full article, see

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