New Book—“Pioneras y transgresoras: Mujeres en las Artes en Puerto Rico”

The collection of essays, Pioneras y transgresoras: Mujeres en las Artes en Puerto Rico [Pioneers and Transgressors: Women in the Arts in Puerto Rico], edited by Yamila Azize Vargas was launched on March 24 by the Art League [Liga de Arte, San Juan, Puerto Rico]. Here are excerpts from “Visibilizando a las mujeres pioneras y transgresoras en el arte puertorriqueño” [Making visible the pioneering and transgressive women in Puerto Rican art] by Milton Rúa de Mauret (El Adoquín Times). [Many thanks to Peter Jordens for all related links.]

Although the book focuses on five women artists of the 20th century—Luisa Géigel Brunet, Luisina Ordoñez Sabater, María Luisa Penne de Castillo, Cecilia Orta Allende and Ana Margarita Bassó—it also incorporates the Moriviví Collective as representative of a new generation of women artists, pioneers who break with traditional artistic structures.

Recently, we commemorated the international day of working women. On that day, we remember the struggles and demands of women for equitable treatment. Unfortunately, for years, the contribution of women in different sectors of society, such as art, has been rendered invisible. This is precisely the pattern that the book Pioneras y transgresoras: Mujeres en las Artes en Puerto Ricoseeks to break. It explores the history of traditional art in Puerto Rico, highlighting the important contributions that pioneering women have made to the different branches of Puerto Rican art during the 20th and 21st centuries.

In an interview with El Adoquín Times, Dr. Yamila Azize Vargas—the book’s editor—explained how this book project was born, emerging after the celebration (partially interrupted by the pandemic) of the Pioneering and Transgressive Series, which consisted of a series of lectures given by the authors of the essays published in this book: Doreen Colón Camacho, Azize Vargas, María Elba Torres Muñoz, María Elena Perales and the Moriviví Collective, Raysa Raquel Rodríguez García, and Sharon Nichole González Colón. Artist Rafael Trelles is also one of the collaborators of this book, with a commentary essay.

Translated by Ivette Romero. For original, full article (in Spanish), see

Pioneras y transgresoras: Mujeres en las Artes en Puerto Rico
Yamila Azize Vargas (Editor)
Primedia eLaunch LLC, 2021
ISBN: 978-1684897995

March 24, 2022, 7pm
Iraida Rodríguez Negrón, curadora del Museo de Arte de Ponce

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