Exhibition: “Fuerzas Naturales”

“Fuerzas Naturales” by Mónica Rodríguez—Puerto Rican artist based in Los Angeles, California—will be on view at Kilometro 0.2 (Km 0.2), located at 619 Cerra Street (second floor) in Santurce, Puerto Rico. The opening takes place on March 12, 2022, from 6:00 to 11:00pm.

Description: Km is pleased to present Los Angeles-based Puerto Rican artist Mónica Rodríguez’s solo exhibition titled Fuerzas Naturales.

The exhibition is inspired by texts from the work of the Puerto Rican anarchist and union leader Luisa Capetillo. The exhibition is articulated by a series of ink drawings based on some of the most relevant texts that chronologically establish narratives in the present time and a series of sculptures inspired by the remnants of what was the home of the feminist and union leader. In a kind of carpe diem and as artist Jorge González mentions below,

“Mónica’s work is rooted in drawing, organizing and establishing links to generate acts of solidarity, mediating liberating work and emancipating energy, which allows us to actively participate in regenerative ways. Mónica Rodríguez’s commitment recognizes our struggles and guides (ancestors) determined to eradicate systematic violence; she places us within other possible ways of relating to one other based on a deep love for the humankind of the future.”

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